Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair in Walkerton, IN

From dents and scratches to collision and suspension repair, Dave’s Body Shop delivers complete auto body repair services that get your car looking (and driving) like new again. No matter the make or model, or what the extent of the damage is, we’re committed to getting you back behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s safe, functional and reliable. We work hard to serve the needs of Walkerton, North Liberty, La Paz, or South Center, IN drivers quickly and affordably.

Full-service repair

After an accident, your vehicle needs complete repairs to get it up and running again. No matter the extent of the damage, we’re here to help. From panel and frame damage to underlying component repair, we do the work right. Trust us to restore the appeal of your vehicle and all the underlying components that make it work.

Front-end repair work

All of your vehicle’s most essential parts are under the hood. After an accident, your vehicle needs front-end repair that leaves no component overlooked. We’ll take care of that cracked radiator, warped brackets and anything else that might show up later on as a problem.

Body damage repair

Whether your vehicle has damage to the door, trunk, front or rear fender, door panels or anywhere else, we’ll get it fixed. Trust us to leave you with a car that looks like new, with no signs of an accident to show for it.

Dent repair

Dents and scratches can cause long-term damage if they’re not fixed. Let us get to them before the rust does! Our experienced dent repair specialists can make all types of dents and other blemishes disappear, so you’re left with panels that look clean.

Frame straightening

After a major accident, frame straightening is the key to get your vehicle back in drivable condition. We have the equipment required to straighten out your frame, to restore vehicle integrity and to get to work on a full restoration of your vehicle. We can bring your vehicle back from even severe accidents.

Front and rear suspension repair

Suspension problems will grate on your vehicle over time and cause your ride to feel bumpy and uncomfortable. Come to us for suspension repair and restore a smooth, soft ride to your car, so you don’t feel every single bump in the road.


We’re the shop Walkerton, IN residents trust for alignments. Our equipment allows us to adjust the alignment of your car to a precise degree, so you drive straight and true the next time you’re back on the road.

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You need a vehicle that’s in good working condition and safe to drive. After an accident, make the call to Dave’s Body Shop to get your vehicle the attention it needs! Whether it’s cosmetic repairs or complete collision services to get it working right again, we’re ready to help. Contact us at 574-586-2839 to schedule an auto body repair appointment or to discuss the scope of any repairs with our talented techs.